2010 recap and step up 3

i finally watched step up 3 (not at a 3d-theatre unfortunately) that day. the movie, like step up and step up 2, was a good one. the music, dance, actor, actress, were very entertaining. the movie even inspired me to look back at my past (including 2010 obviously). the movie made me thinking what i had done and not, and what i would have to do next.

life was short. i was almost 25 years old and i didnt think i had done enough in those years. had i live my life to the fullest? my brain suddenly shortlisted things need to be done. there was plenty of them, it turned out.  ‘n what about 2010?

2010 was a mixed year. i didnt consider it to be a special one, but it was an intriguing year. highlight of the year was establishing an internet cafe, volunteering in mentawai after tsunami 2010, and obviously breaking up with my ex. to be included in that list was obviously little incident on christmas eve, where my friend and i stumbled upon the stairs at the church and dropped candlestick in front of the congregation.

anyway, 2011 was on the horizon. i was curious to watch how the year’d reveal itself.



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