one cozy night

sitting on my chair, sipping my capuccino, and listening to my playlist while wandering a bit into the past. life went so fast and certainly had a habit of surprising us (read: me) when we (read: i) looked back.

the year 2010 was quickly approaching the end. many things happened during the year to that day. some were things i didnt like (breaking up, for example). others were ones i like (setting up new business, e.q.).

one of the (new) things i like was a new online game, atlantica. it was launched in may or june (couldnt remember for sure). that game was actually the main reason for me writing that late on the day, though. the game’s system had been being maintained for almost the whole day. i bet that frustrated the lovers of this game. the maintenance supposed to end way earlier on that day. it was scheduled to finish at 11am. unfortunately, there were no signs whatsoever that it would finish soon when i was typing this post at 11.22pm. it sucked. big time!!

that would be it for the time being.



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