indonesian football system – learn from the germans

much has been said about football system in indonesia. some argued we had touched the bottom low in the last SEA GAMES when we were beaten handsomely by laos, a small country with relatively no football history. the situation arguably becomes even worsened in 2010. some football matches had to be canceled or held without supporters presence due to security reasons. clash between club supporters have long been one of major problems in indonesia. arema indonesia, which has just recently been crowned the champions, are now facing turmoil due to mismanagement. and we havent talked about the national team …

we have long (and strived) to a build strong national team. however, the team doesnt seem strong enough even to compete at the southeast level.

solutions, suggestions, reviews, articles, etc have been made over the years in order to raise the national team’s quality. he latest one is to hire fatih terim as the coach. that’s a big dream, but hey, why not? perhaps the government and/or indonesian football federation (pssi) should also take a look on the football system in germany. the system, introduced in 2002, has successfully produced wonderkids like oezil, khedira, neuer. these players even become their national team’s backbone in 2010 world cup and more to come, i believe.

finally, i can only wish the best for indonesia.

v. 11.07.10


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