amsterdam public transport tips

among so many posts of mine on this blog, posts about amsterdam seem to be the most popular (see my blog stats screenshot).  one of the most viewed posts is amsterdam metro map. i am therefore going to give some information about public transport system in the netherlands, amsterdam particularly.

firstly, the website of amsterdam public transport. it’s called GVB (openbaar vervoer amsterdam). its website is the homepage is obviously in dutch, but english version is available. the website is concise. you will therefore find information you look for easily.

secondly, the price. if you are in amsterdam for a few days, it’s wise to buy the 24-, 48-, 96- hours GVB transport ticket. following is the price list of the tickets in 2010 (believe me, it’s far cheaper than buying single tickets) .

  • 24 hours € 7,00
  • 48 hours € 11,50
  • 72 hours € 15,50
  • 96 hours € 19,50
  • 120 hours € 23,00
  • 144 hours € 26,00
  • 168 hours € 29,00

further information is available by visiting the link above.

third, I Amsterdam Card or THE all-in-one pass (well, that’s how they put it). i’d suggest you buy this card if you’re planning to visit museums (van gogh, rijkmuseum, etc), experience the canal cruise, and enjoy various attractions in amsterdam. you’ll get discounts by buying this card. the prices are:

  • 1-day I Amsterdam Card € 33,00
  • 2-day I Amsterdam Card € 43,00
  • 3-day I Amsterdam Card € 53,00
please visit I Amsterdam Card for further information.

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