event organizer ~ day 7: design links

my brain was dead. i was desperately looking for some inspiration. my mind was completely blank. that was perhaps the best description to explain my mental status just before i was writing this post.

but then, thank God for GOOGLE!! with only a little effort of typing the keywords, i got some inspiration to brush up my design skills. i managed to find quality resources for designers (including a beginner one, just like me). i would like to share a couple pages here.

first, 15 signs you are a bad graphic designers. although the content might be debatable, designers might still pick a thing or two to brush up their designing skills.

second, 30 fonts that all designers must know and should own. jacob cass outlined 30 fonts (15 serif and 15 sans-serif) that would help designers greatly in making their product.

… (to be continued


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