event organizer ~ day 6: remembering amsterdam

it’s me again, pouring out my mind here.


i happened to get involved in two photosessions in the last 10 days. the first one was my prewed session. it took roughly an hour and a half and was taken in puncak tidar, about 15-20 minutes away from malang downtown. puncak tidar was an exclusive area; many expats and wealthy family lived in the neighborhood. i couldnt go into much details with regards to the pictures of the session, as we were still working on final editing.

the second session took place three days ago in purwodadi. the theme was casual outfit. the session, somehow, took much longer time than the first one, almost four hours. unfortunately, the weather from bad to worse fast within those hours. the storm hit the place just a few minutes after the session was over. i had been working on editing the pictures since then. in order to get some inspiration, i took a quick glance at my friend’s albums on facebook. i did get some inspiration after opening a few albums, but those albums kinda brought back memories in amsterdam.

amsterdam was very colorful in the summer. people tend to wear bright outfit and were in a good mood all day long. it was great!! some pictures also reminded me of how fast time went in those four year i was there. the sun, cloudy sky, rainy days, snow, the seasons, thank God for those memories.

… (to be continued)


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