relaxing ala amsterdammers

it was some time past 7 o’clock in the evening. i was sitting on a bench in the garden, relaxing. the last few days had been filled with one meeting after another. the topic was the same though, preparation for a church event in october ’09. but anyway, this post wouldnt be about the event preparation. it would be about what i was doing that night while sitting on the bench.

i had my advan netbook on my lap. the sun had been set for more than an hour, and the sky was cloudy. next to me was a cup of capuccino. this was the reason for me naming the title of this post, relaxing ala amsterdammers.

relaxing with a cup of coffee was one of the habits i learned back then in amsterdam. it was nice to sip a cup of coffee or capuccino after a day at work. i had, on average, 6 to 8 cups of coffee, each work day back then. i couldnt help it for the coffee was good (too bad i couldnt find DE here).

anyway, after a long day preparing the event, i could finally have a little time of relaxing with a cup of capuccino. eindelijk!!!


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