indonesian next political leader

yes, it’s again about politics.  and it’s again about democratic party, the party of indonesian incumbent president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), and its opposition,  indonesian democratic  party-struggle (PDIP). what interests me this time is each party’s (possible) future leader. this post is about Eddie Baskoro Yudhoyono (EBY) of democratic party and  Puan Maharani of PDIP.

judging from his last name, you would instantly recognize that EBY has a relation with SBY. yes, EBY is SBY’s second son, actually. he’s now running for a seat in the indonesian people’s representative council (DPR-RI). it’s almost 100% that he will clinch the seat. there is still limited information over his political career. however, judging from democratic party’s ads these days and influence of Yudhoyono’s in the party, EBY seems to be the heir of his father’s crown to lead the party in the future.

meanwhile, Puan Maharani is Megawati Soekarno Putri’s, the chairperson of PDIP, daughter. she is also running for a seat in the DPR-RI, and looked certain to represent the party in the council for the next five years. unlike EBY, Puan  has a bit more edge as a politician. one of her most important achivement to date is the success to organize the party congress last january in solo. she is also the main candidate to succeed Megawati as the party’s chairperson and continued Soekarno’s influence in the party.

it’s obviously too early to say these two politicians will be a good leader as their parents are. however, the likelihood is there. im not surprised if one day, one of them (or perhaps both) will be indonesian’s president.


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