part 2: indonesian election (pemilu) 2009

you have perhaps read the first part of this topic, where at the end of the post it was mentioned some political leaders who would run for president. between now and then, there had been some interesting development taking place in indonesia.

firstly, golkar’s decision to leave democratic party had been followed with some maneuver  to reach out to other parties. jusuf kalla attended Prosperous Justice Party (PKS – Partai Keadilan Sejahtera)’s gathering on friday night. however, a successful coalition of two parties with different ideology  remains to be the main concern here.

secondly, megawati soekarnoputri seemed approaching golkar. she was looking for a running  mate , which might well be a golkar’s cadre. her party would only announce it after the parliamentary elections in april though.

anyway, if you wanna know the results of indonesian election in 1999 and 2004, please click on the link below.

election results in 1999 and 2004


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