women’s heart and market size

women’s heart is trully hard to fathom 😦 i heard the phrase for the first time while watching heavenly sword and dragon saber (hsds) 2003. and for two days in a row, i experienced the difficulty in understanding why women acted the way they did.

the two women i met would be getting married within the next twelve months. ironically, the circumstances around each of the marriages were catastrophic, at the very least. i couldnt go into details due to privacy issue obviously. but, one sentence to explain it, i trully dont understand the way they act.

anyways, i was trying to determine the market size of internet cafe business in indonesia. this issue became intriguing after my client told me that his revenues didnt increase as expected. he added ten new computers at his internet cafe, but his revenues were more or less the same as before.

i was then thinking that it might be the case that there was oversupply of the service. it subsequently led me to a subject i learned back in senior high school, supply and demand.

i cant say more at this point, as i still need to do some calculation. i hope to find some interesting facts and figures 🙂


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