tribal wars – war day xx

i cant remember exactly how long the war has been going on. i know this is still in the first week 🙂

anyway, this war has shown revealed people true skills. i have met some excellent players, decent, bad, and terrible players. the latter is my topic here.

a member of our enemy attacked our village. i dont know if he was a complete noob or was leaving the game, but he only launched cavalry (lc and hc) without any rams. those are just pathetic. free ODD for my tribemate.

anyway, it seems i found a new formula to sharpen my nukes and cut the building time. my old formula of 7k/3k/250 (axe/lc/ram) is not as strong as i predicted apparently. i found a new formula, which would do more damage (thanks to our enemy i can develop this type of nuke).

last words. the incoming number is down to 67. it seems our enemy start to get a bit tired of sending fakes and nukes.


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