customer satisfaction survey

customer satisfaction survey. that’s the topic of this post.

so what is customer satisfaction? wikipedia describes it as,

“… an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products and/or services to the marketplace.”

so, now we know that customer satisfaction helps us to see how successful an organization at providing products and/or services to a marketplace. but, why is it important for the organization? one of the reasons is as follow:

Customer satisfaction with a company’s products or services is often seen as the key to a company’s success and long-term competitiveness. In the context of relationship marketing, customer satisfaction is often viewed as a central determinant of customer retention. (Thorsten Hennig-Thurau and Alexander Klee, University of Hanover)

the answer to the question why customer is important lies in the last part of the above quote. it’s important in order to ensure that the organization’s customers come back to buy its products and/or services over and over again. why is this issue vital for the organization? take a look at the following reasons:

so, my assignment this time is to prepare a survey to measure customer satisfaction of a hospital in east java, indonesia. the first draft is submitted to my clients. the draft is basically drawn from various patient feedback forms found on the net, which are compiled and adjusted to fit the need of the hospital.

hospital’s customers are strange, as i believe they dont want to be its customer in the first place. so, where will customer retention lie in this case? is it necessary for a hospital to conduct a customer satisfaction survey? or is mouth to mouth advertising useful for a hospital? i will soon find the answers out.


2 thoughts on “customer satisfaction survey

  1. My opinion offered with the best of intentions after working in a community hospital for 17 years it is my observation that caring staff members, working in concert with an hospital mission statement focused on quality of service and caring for the human being who happens to be a customer, called by name. Will quarantee good report of customer service. The hospital is the place of birth – where the family starts and grows, it is the place for emergencies and stressful times,healings, and it can be the place of passing. Within the community it will be embraced by the famlies and residents of the surrounding cities as a member of the community, and service would have to be very very bad to earn it’s bad reputation.

  2. hello elizabeth,

    an interesting comment you wrote. the hospital is indeed the place of birth, healings, and passing. i cant agree more with you.

    mind telling me where did you work?

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