random samples

hello there …

i was typing this entry from home using smart connection. those who dont know what smart is, it’s a newcomer in the indonesian telecommunication business. the company provides its customers with a 6-month-free internet of 2GB data. that’s how i ended up typing this entry from home.

anyway, this entry was meant for college students or newcomers in the marketing, business, or research world. you might sooner or later find a few terms such as, confidence, error, population, sampling, standard deviation, and more … i would like to show a very useful links to calculate how many samples you need from certain population in order to ensure the survey is valid. the link is this.

when you visit the above link, you can do the calculation once the required fields are filled in. the computer will then do the business automatically and present you with the needed number.

you can also find another link that explains the terms in a very brief and easy way on that page. once you understand the concept, im sure you will have a better chance to defend your survey, and subsequently your arguments and recommendations.

hope that link is useful. have a nice weekend.


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