multi level marketing

hello there,

this is my first entry in 2009, and surprisingly, it’s about multi level marketing. blame my friends who dragged me to join this business for encouraging me to write about this.

two or three years ago, i heard a very hot business in indonesia, namely multi level marketing (mlm) or personal franchise. this business was so successful and bore new millionaires in this country.

years passed and i scarcely heard any update on this business. but suddenly, everything changed.

friends of mine introduced me to this business about a month ago. they invited me to attend an open plan presentation, which subsequently brought me on to this mlm world.

to be honest, im still in the dark over the prospect of this business, especially in a situation like this. but, im curious to know how it works and its prospect amid of the worldwide economic storm.

if you have some information about this type of business, please let me know. your info will broaden my view on this issue.


4 thoughts on “multi level marketing

  1. I think, multilevel marketing is a genius marketing concept. One of the advantage is called multiplication. This can blow sales of its distributor.

  2. Hi, i want to introduce myself. I’m Yuli from Indonesia and currently i’m in MLM business too. I want to introduce you to the new MLM opportunity called Agel from USA. Its a very big company with its sales of over USD 5 million on its first opening. The products is natural nutritional supplement and natural skin care and its very innovative because of the gel suspended technology. So the supplement is in GEL form. Its a new category. The benefits of a new category is that its no1 and anyone attempting to follow will never be more than no2, its produces greatest customer exposure and you will become a partner in team that will always be #1. Its the improvement over pill, juice or powder because supplement in gel form are faster and more effective to be absorb by the body so the market will be huge. Well, this is just an introduction, if you want to know more you can visit my blog or just call me, question are welcome. thank you

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