it’s been a very warm period for me personally since coming back to indonesia. i got completely tanned and people wouldnt have thought that just a bit over a month ago, i was in a country thousand miles away.

just as expected, my lifestyle in indonesia wont allow me to play the tribalwars properly. thus, a few days ago i decided to leave the game for good (again). i havent logged in to my account for a few days now, but i believe someone has taken it over per my instruction.

i have been traveling from one place to another. last week, i visited tengger mountain. the scenery was just amazing. that’s why i thought to go back there together with a few more friends and go all the way to mount bromo and see the sunrise. the plan now is to go there in the third week of january 2009.

in about 10 days from now, im going to borneo for the first time ever!!! i cant wait to visit the island. i dont know what awaits me there, but i know the trip is gonna be exciting. im gonna go to balikpapan and samarinda, and spend in total 3 days on the island.

other than traveling from one place to another, i have also been busy with the preparation for christmas. although some churches do not longer celebrate christmas (for some reason, which i understand), i still believe that the christmas period does hold a common denominator for christians, i.e. time for them to strengthen their ties with family, churchmates, and neighbors.

anyways, im gonna post a few more stories once i come back from borneo.



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