hello there,

i have been in indonesia for three weeks, and life couldnt have been better. i have been traveling from one city to another, despite the high temperature in some areas. bandung, once famous for its cool temperature, was at one point reached 41 degree celsius. that’s just crazy!!! the very same day, it was 46 degree in makassar. pfft … look at the world we live in today.

anyways, these three weeks have been a holiday for me. i met a few friends and fams i hadnt met for a very long time. it’s been a pleasure to do it, although it means i have to sacrifice tribal wars, since i cant login regularly.

i visited yogyakarta, solo, ngawi, ponorogo, surabaya, and malang. the best part is so far yogyakarta, where i spent two days with my cousin, her husband, a sister of her husband, and two other friends eating various tasty local food in yogyakarta. one place that i missed was bale raos, as a wedding was held in there where we arrived. too bad. otherwise, i would have tasted the favorite foods of the kings of yogyakarta.  

so that’s it for now. i’ll keep posting here, although quite randomly. 



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