wrap up

it’s a wrap up post.

it was less than 36 hours away from the departure for indonesia. and i had a BIG problem. my luggage was 33 kgs 😦 urgh. how was that possible? those books seemed to be heavier than i expected. urgh …

anyway, i mentioned how that departure would effect my tribe in w17. well, it turned out that i would still hold the duke position for a longer time. i didnt expect it, but that looked to be the most feasible plan for the tribe sake.

i couldnt imagine my time in the netherlands was almost over. everything went so fast. and without even realizing it, i almost arrived at the end of my stay in this country. i had been gone through ups and downs, joy and sorrow, good and bad the last few years. so … it was nice to spend the last few days with friends.

what made the last few days beautiful was all the comments i heard from friends, (former) colleagues, and families here.  they gave one lovely and sweet memory for me to remember in the rest of my life. i thanked them all, and of course the heavenly Father, who let me to experience this wonderful period.

btw, i just found out this post. sweet memories back then. and btw (again), i just discovered something interesting:

in about 6.5 months from now, i will graduate from inholland; leave the netherlands; step out of my comfortable zone to begin a new journey. no need to look back again.

that was taken from this post. i eventually fulfilled all of them 🙂


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