one special night in amsterdam

my days in the netherlands were numbered. that sunday was my last time attending the sermon at Gereja Utusan Kristus in osdorp (amsterdam), the netherlands. after four years, i eventually had to say goodbye to the members of the congregation. it wasn’t as easy as i expected, as i realized that the members there had become my second family here.

the last sermon i attended was rather quiet, since a fifth of the members were on a tour in israel. the sermon itself ended as usual, around 2pm. thereafter was “the goodbye session”.  saying goodbye was apparently hard, especially after staying for so long in the church. one memory after another came in mind every time i said goodbye to the members.

later on, a few youth of the church and i were having dinner at new king, a famous chinese restaurant in amsterdam. the restaurant was located in the red light district area, nearby amsterdam central station. it’d been a while since our last dinner together. there were eight of us (including me) having some of the best chinese dishes in the city.

my friends gave me several gifts during the dinner. the first gift was a typical dutch cookies, stroop wafel. the second gift was dutch candies. the third one was an iamsterdam t-shirt, signed by the youth of the church. i’d definitely hang that one up on my wall, once im back in indonesia.

around 7pm, we decided to end the dinner and walked outside a bit, although it was showering outside. we headed toward the dam square, where the kermis was going on. we thought to grab some coffee at coffee company, but we opted to have some at the majestic cafe (next to de bijenkorf). we were there for almost 1.5 hours.

a few minutes past 8.30pm, we left the cafe and walked straight down the street to the station. once we reached the station, we went on each own way. two or three of us would meet again the coming thursday at schipol airport to say goodbye for the very last time before i catch my flight to jakarta via hongkong.

that night was certainly memorable and going to stick in my memory for a very long time. it was a special one. i could only thank Him for letting me to experience such warm company from my friends here in amsterdam.

anyway, i’ll come back with another entry on how my decision to go back to indonesia affect my tribe on tribal wars 😉

p.s.: the songs attached here represented what i was feeling while typing this entry.


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