juventus vs madrid – champions league 2008

just finished watching the juventus vs madrid game, and had a few comments to share. first of all, i was obviously happy, more into relieved actually, that juve won the game, thanks to goals from alex del piero and amauri. the latter continued his goal streak with one powerful header to the left post of iker casillas. alex’s goal was also beautifully taken. his curling shot beat casillas in the opening part of the game.

despite the outcome of the game, juventus looked shaky at times, especially in the midfield. the assessment of lack of creative midfielder was justified, as juve barely kept the ball for more than 8 seconds. that was just horrible. no wonder they suffered a humiliating defeat from napoli in the previous match.

and then, where was giovinco??? wasnt juventus supposed to be composed of young players? i wonder why he wasnt given a chance to change the game in the last 15 minutes when juventus were under immense pressure from madrid.

anyway, this result practically prolonged ranieri’s tenure in juventus. earlier today, rumors had spread that he’d lose his job, should juve fail to beat madrid. im hoping this would be a turning point of juventus’s thrive this season.


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