tribal wars tactic (iii)

it’d been more than a month, imo, since my earlier post on tribal wars. many had happened in between. i had become a leader of #1 tribe in W17, and we had, arguably, won one of our longest war in CHE!!! (the name of my tribe) history.

having said that, i’d argue that diplomacy holds important roles in keeping yourself (or your tribe) survive others’ pressure. troops alone wont do it. low-rank tribes might ensure their survival by merging together to form a bigger tribe. another way to do it is by merging into a bigger tribe. the latter might also be the case for medium-rank tribes.

top-rank tribes, on the other hand, might do recruitment. this has to be carried out strategically, so it will result in holding a strong grip in certain part of the world. some factors that should be considered while recruiting new members are points, opponent defeated as attacker (oda), opponent defeated as defender (odd), noblement pattern, and obviously loyalty issue. the latter is especially important to prevent information leaking out to other tribes, the enemies in particular.

planting spies in other tribes is a “must-do” action. at certain point, this will give our tribe in advantageous position, especially when at war. additionally, we might also cause havoc inside other tribes by using these spies. i’d call the tactic as “divide at impera” , which is actually used by the Dutch in Indonesia in the 18-19th century.  when done properly, we might inflict injuries, especially morally, among enemies’ members and even a riot. and when that happens, our troops must be ready to demolish their strongholds.

imo, organizing this tribe is just the same as organizing an organization or department in the real life. a lot of skills are needed in order that the greater goal is achieved. management, interpersonal communication, decision-making, negotiation skills are among others required to be successfull in carrying this role. im obviously still learning how to be a good one. and therefore, im open to suggestions, especially from fellow tribemates.


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