oct. 2, 2008

that was an important day on my life. it was so important, that i barely slept the night before, only like 3-4 hours. now, let’s get down to why it was important.

firstly, i had been negotiating a peace treaty and recruitment issue with the #8 tribe in tribal wars (i was the leader of the #1 tribe, btw). by the time this post was written, the recruitment was yet to go through. however, should it go successfully, that would solidify our position at #1 and cripple the other one by half or even more. that war had been going on for months, with no one really successfully managed to break the front line down. it was a total stalemate. so i thought it was better to end that war, so that we would be able to move on to the next one.

secondly, that was the decision day, when i decided where my life path would be. i had lived in the netherlands for four years, and i thought it was the time to move somewhere else, particularly with the economic meltdown in the states, which would soon take its toll in europe too.

those were the two reasons why that day was important. somehow, in a very bizarre fashion, i couldnt help to think of the conversation the day before with my old crush, who had been in my heart for years (almost 4 years now). she was basically telling me how her interview went and her new job. to be honest, the questions asked to her were kinda standard, which for me strange because i had never really been asked of those. i also found out that in spite of being born in the netherlands, she possesed some indonesia culture, like couldnt say no.

that was it for now. it’s been a while since my last post here. i hope my next post wouldn’t be that long.

p.s.: this entry is also a response to this post.


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