wonderful day – inholland sailing

what a wonderful day. the day couldnt have been better 🙂

i woke up a bit late that morning, around 8:30am. i wasnt late for work, as that day was specially reserved for my colleagues to go out and have some event together. we went sailing in uitgeest.

the weather was okay. it was cloudy and a bit showering, but there was enough wind for us to sail properly. apart from me and colleagues from amsterdam, also there were coworkers from haarlem and alkmaar. it was thus a really nice opportunity for us to get to know each other.

we were sailing from around 10.30 to 17.00, with some break in between. it was nice *although i was suffering from muscle pain while writing this entry*.  we had some lunch together, which gave us enough time to find out who’s who, job description, etc etc. i happened to meet 2 other colleagues with indonesian blood (later on i found out that the director of my school had indonesian blood as well). one of them was really cute. urgh .. hadnt been able to stop thinking of her since :p

later on in the evening, i got some surprise from my colleagues. they threw out a surprise party for me, as that week was for the last time i worked for school of communication, media, and music. they gave me a nice bag, and some sweet speech. i trully didnt see that coming. it was thus a complete surprise for me.

what a nice day …


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