tribal wars tactic first part

the content of this post is taken from tribal wars forum. i thought to post it here, so life would be easier when it comes to defend my villages.

When your stacking you should avoid:
-Defending villages that don’t have full walls
-Defending a village with less than 30k population of D units
-Defending with just HC support
-Using offensive units to defend
-Defending remote villages

My HC strat:

Grouped villages in 10 village tactical groups based on proximity(Largely just for organization and to maintain ratios). 6:3:1 Offense:Defense:Scouts

Offensive Village:
1250 HC
11500(ish) Axes
200 Rams

Defensive Village:
1250 HC
11500(ish) Spears
200 Cats

Scout Village:
5000 Scouts
8500(ish) Spears
200 Cats

to be continued …


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