me boyfriend

so here im this evening sitting behind a laptop, borrowed from the school. i was having a laugh over something funny.

i dunno what’s wrong with me, but the last two times i tried to hit on woman, something weird happened. fortunately, it wasnt as bad as what occured to barney (how i met your mother) who got slapped on the face several times. 

first weirdo thingies occured last week. i was on my way home after buying some groceries. at the metro station, i met a girl whom i had known for a while before. i teased her over her habits to go home late from work. after explaning the reasons, bla bla bla .. and then talking over something else bla bla bla, she then told me that her boyfriend was also going home around that hour. it was as if she knew i was trying to hit on her. well, we still had a little chit-chat afterward. ok, that was the first occassion.

the second occassion occcured several days after the first one. i first met this girl in the blue room at my school. she asked me for a help, so i did. after one or two days, we met again outside the school. it was late afternoon, around 5.30pm. i asked her why she was still at school. apparently, she was still finishing up her dissertation. but then, as if (again) she knew i was hitting on her, she told me that she was waiting for her boyfriend to go home together.

pff .. weird experience, huh?!


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