TIM Trofeo – Viva Juventus

Juventus is back to its own fashion; a mixed of youngsters and experienced players. I can see this clearly when Juventus take on Milan and Inter in TIM Trofeo in Turin.

Please welcome two of the next generation of Juventus, i.e. Fausto Rossi (18 years old) and Albin Ekdal (19). They simply played wonderfully for their age when came up against strong Inter players such as Maicon and Figo. Rossi looked like Del Piero back then, fast, cutting inside, and dare to take on opposition. Meanwhile, Albin Ekdal seemed to be the future key player in the midfield of Juventus. Added to these two are Giovinco and De Ceglie. Can’t wait to see these players replacing the likes of Nedved and Alex, tho. It’d be great to watch them.

Btw, Juve finished 2-2 and lost on penalty shoot-out against Milan. But then they came back remarkably against Inter. A goal by Iaquinta made sure that Juve had the chance to win the TIM Trofeo this year. Alex almost added another goal; too bad his last-minute free-kick hit both posts.

Anyway .. that’s for now.


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