tribal wars

hey …

it’s been a week since my graduation day. it certainly feels longer tho, as if i were graduated a month or a year ago. have been busy at work. i was totally surprised when the icm program coordinator counted how many things i had been doing for icm. but that was not the final one. i found out yesterday that i had been developing the icm study guide *which for your information would be the guideline for the whole program in 2008/2009*, apparently. pfff … it was so amazing how my internship turned out to be so challenging and terrific in one-year time 🙂

well, apart from working and continuously seeking for a full-time job for september on, i was playing an online game, called tribal wars as well. this was an amazing game that required the players to be deceptive, smart, patient, and able to cooperate well in a group. added to that list was obviously a possibility to be online almost 24/7. bah… no wonder not many of them had a real real life.

that was about it for now, gonna watch a chinese kungfu series. the title was sword stained with royal blood. i watched it while waiting for another adaptaion of the famous chinese kungfu story, legend of the condor heroes, to be available.

have a nice weekend.


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