spain vs italy – spanish & amsterdammer look

hey hey …

the last few days have been really busy, in a fun way. it started on monday. in the afternoon i got a phone call from hanny, telling me that willy became ill and therefore couldnt run the amsterdam – madrid pilot project. she thus asked me if i could lend a hand to organize the project. i said yes, why not i thought; my graduation was on the horizon and it’d be fun !!

so from tuesday to thursday, my agenda was occupied by project-related activities, such as lectures, visiting design and advertising agencies (VBAT and DDB). i also showed them amsterdam. so we went to rembrandtplein to watch the spanish game (where they beaten greece 2-1), leidseplein, and a brief sightseeing around the city.

apart from those famous squares (plein = square, fyi), i guided these students to red light district. i dont know y tourists are so excited to visit the district tho. have no clue whatsoever. later on, i brought them to kalverstraat, where the girls were shopping. oh yea, there were 7 girls and 1 guy, btw. i dont know how much money they spent for shopping.

btw .. speaking of euro 2008, i teased them a lot by saying that italy’d beat spain in the quarter-final on sunday. they obviously responded back insisting that spain’d go through the semi-final. well, we’ll know the result tomorrow :p i’ll for sure send each of them email if italy go through hahahhaa :p just wait and see 😀

so yea .. it’s been a nice week. cant wait to watch the game tomorrow. see you on the next post 😉


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