magical stuff by the russians

o la la … what a match!!!

the dutch came with a perfect record on the qualifying stage. 3 wins against italy, france, and romania. they’ve been sensational as well, scoring 3 and 4 goals against italy and france, respectively.

on the other side came the russians, with the famous guus hiddink. lost 1-4 from spain, but they bounced back and managed to qualify to the quarter final of EURO 2008 by defeating sweden in the last game on the group phase.

and yeah, the two teams met … and the russians were just incredible!!! took the initiative to attack the dutch right from the beginning. they finally got the lead at the 56th minute. the dutch were lucky enough to level the score at the 86th minute. there we went to the extra time. the russians were again playing superb. 2 more goals came in the second half of the extra time.

the russians simply exploited the dutch’ main weakness, defending their own goal. the russians midfielder were just combative throughout the game; marking, tackling every dutch midfielder. the dutch unfortunately had no answer to this masterful tactic of guus hiddink. and yeah .. you knew the result. the russians went through to the semi-final :d wonderfull .. hup russians hup 😉


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