final presentation & italy vs romania

dug dug … dug dug … dug dug … the rhytm of my heart on june 13 during the last few minutes prior to my final presentation. i was a bit nervous, as my turn to present the dissertation got closer. 5 minutes to the presentation (started at 12.45) i went to the A hall to get myself a cup of capuccino, and then headed towards the room.

no one was in the room. the computer was shut down. so, i turned it off *lucky enough i came in time to prepare everything*. my problem owner was the one to show up, followed by my supervisor, and finally, the second reader. the moment to begin the presentation aka the defence eventually arrived. the first three words were a bit difficult. but once i picked up my style, tone of voice, hand gestures, etc .. the presentation (read: the show) began. one slide after another was presented. well .. the presentation went fast, only about 10 minutes i believe. after that came the question and answer session. that was the part i waited for. it lasted for 20 minutes or so. and it was fun !!! too bad, that was the last opportunity for me to do so. hueuuhe. well .. at the end, my supervisor said well done!! the grade was to be announced on thursday in the following week, tho.

later on in the afternoon, i watched the game italy vs romania in the pancake house at leidseplein. and again, the referee was against italy. this time, he ruled out a legitime goal by toni right before half-time. bah. so fortunate that buffon saved mutu’s penalty kick in the last phase of the game. otherwise, it’d have been a game over for italy.

well, im now looking forward to the italy’s last game on tuesday. fortunately the dutch destroyed france 4-1 later on that evening, that made the chance for italy to go to the second round a bit bigger. im keeping my fingers crossed.

anyway .. gonna have some sleep now. have a nice weekend everyone.


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