another sunday with series and football matches

sunday, june 15, 2008. im enjoying my post dissertation life. finally i got some time to think about something other than facts, stats, sources, and all those jazz to support my argument. fyuhhhh … kinda nice tho, especially in this nice weather. the only thing i wanna do all the time is only to sleep. too bad that didnt, dont, and wont happen.

anyway .. i’ve been watching some more series since being “released” from the dissertation “prison”. im back watching emergency room (ER), which is in its 14th season now. it’s just amazing how this serial stays around for such a long time. and then, there are two british series. first, doctor who produced by BBC. second, secret diary of a call girl by ITV. well .. at least i got some episodes to watch during the summer.

oh yea, back to euro 2008. tonite there will be a crucial match between czech rep. and turkey. the winner will go through the second round. portugal are obviously sealed the ticket to the next round, as they defeated the other competition with ease, i must admit.

so .. that’s for today. i know it’s a bit short and not much to talk about. but, yea. im pouring what’s inside my mind out. enjoy the game tonight.


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