barcelona – day 4 shopping & sunbathing

last day 😦 too bad. i really didnt want to leave barcelona when waking up in the morning that day. but yea, the vacation was “almost” over. we had to check out before 10. lucky enough, we could leave our luggage in the hotel head office. and that marked the start of our last exploration in the city of barcelona.

the last day was all about shopping *particularly for jen*. i was more interested in getting myself as tan as possible :D, instead.

we began by walking down la rambla toward barcelona cathedral (barri gotic district). along the way, we saw so many shops selling souvenirs, t-shirts, gaudi’s replicas, and of course, barcelona merchandise. the latter brought me to understanding that ronaldinho and messi seemed to be the most famous players there. i simply could find replicas of their football shirt in every corner of the city. i wonder what’d happen once ronaldinho completes his move somewhere else, most likely milan.

k, back to the main story. so here comes the next tip. barcelona barri gothic is a nice district to shop. make sure you allocate one day alone here, just to make sure that you won’t miss anything. you may choose to walk down la rambla and then turn to barcelona cathedral, and end up at port vell or the other way around. that’s all up to you 😉

so we chose the first route. we went from one shop to another. jen and arif succesfully spent some money on souvenirs :p hehehe … i only bought some postcards for my mom and some gifts for my friends back in amsterdam.

we just walked from one shop to another, spent 15 minutes in a internet cafe just to check email *and tribal wars for me :p*, and finally arrived at barcelona cathedral. that day happened to be the day when people of barcelona celebrated the victory against france *if im not mistaken*. so yea .. it was quite busy, almost as busy as on the first day.

anyway … we then went on to barceloneta. on our way, jen realized that she forgot the souvenirs bought for her boyfriend. boy o boy … in barceloneta, you can find restaurants, yachts, and of course mediterranean beach 😀 i spent about half an hour sunbathing on the beach. it was  just great 😀 oh yeah, the beach was semi-nude, for your information, as people were eager to get themselves tanned 😀 hehehhe …

finally, we went back to the hotel office to pick up our stuff and head to the airport … well, the story will be posted on my next entry. stay tuned 😉


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