barcelona – day 3 – font magica – port vell

finally … got the time again to write a new entry to this blog.

as you may have read, we visited font magica on the second day of our vacation. we were quite unfortunate at that time, as there was no show in the evening. but, one of the shopkeepers told us that there’d be one the day after. so that’s why we came to visit the fountain after visiting parc guell.

we came on time for the show. we arrived around 8.00 pm, not so long the show began (it started around 8.30 pm) … it was simply marvelous. the spectacle was amazing. the background music, the lighting, the weather. everything fit together to create a wonderful entertainment for all people there. enjoy the following videos ūüėČ

and …

some more pics will be added later.

anyway, after enjoying that show, we then went to port vell (old port). we arrived there already a bit late in the evening. there were still many people doing many things *skateboarding, wandering, or having late dinner*, nonetheless.

somewhere along the way *cant really remember before or after going to port vell*, we found a small shop selling asian food. so we were rushing in to buy some stuff. that was the first time we saw that kind of shop in barcelona. it was indeed so rare to see asian shops like that. we didnt even see a chinatown *which can usually be found anywhere on this planet*.

while they were shopping, i¬†bought¬†a postcard for my mom. i thought it’d be nice to send her some postcard from barcelona.¬†so later in the evening,¬†once we got back home, i wrote her a nice message from barcelona on it. hehehe …

well, that’s the story¬†till now … i’ll come back with¬†an entry of day 4. our last day in¬†barcelona. hope you have¬†enjoyed the stories¬†hitherto.


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