barcelona – day 3 – part 2 parc guell

back to wordpress … it seems my schedule has been overwhelming me in the last couple of days, has cost me two or three days without blogging.

anyway, im back now. so here comes the second part of day 3. having stayed in montserrat for about three hours, we decided to go back to the city to visit parc guell. we took a train back to barcelona (with a delay in one of the stations as the train somehow stopped, and we had to step in to another train). once we were at plaça de espanya, we took metro line 3 and stopped at lessepss.

parc guell is another gaudi’s masterpiece. when we were there, it was as if we were in a wonderland. all those curvy and colorful buildings. these pics i believe will say more than i can write in thousand words …

if you are looking for typical gaudi souvenir, there are some shops around the location. you simply can find many interesting stuff that won’t be found anywhere else but here. sounds perfect to give to your beloved ones, right?

ok then, this is for now … soon to be posted, the marvelous spectacle of font magiça. stay tune 😉

p.s.: just added couple videos:

  1. barcelona – day 2 – part 1
  2. barcelona – day 2 – part 2

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