barcelona – day 3 – part 1 montserrat

the third day of our vacation in barcelona.

we started the day with an hour trip to montserrat. montserrat is located about an hour by train (R5 from plaça d espanya). it’s where the benedictine monk retreat situated. the scenery was just spectacular. friends of mine even likened the view to grand canyon. i simply couldnt agree more on that. look at the beautiful scenery on these pics. you’d see why we said so.

this place was just beautiful, comforting, and peaceful. i still dont know why i had that feeling, but it was true. it felt as if we were disconnected from the outside world and enjoyed every breath we had without any worries. that makes montserrat as the most-must-visit place in barcelona if you were looking for some time alone for yourself and to recharge your energy. speaking of which may have happened to me.

the vacation in barcelona seems to have brought back the inspiration i lost earlier for finishing my final dissertation. the ideas are now flowing easily, and the mistakes in earlier drafts can be seen clearly. i must therefore admit that the vacation has recharged my almost-empty battery.

anyway .. back to this story again … we were there for two or three hours with a thought of visiting font magiça once again in the evening in mind. btw … if you were in montserrat or happened to be in a spanish café, please dont forget to try bikini 😉 jen tried and found it wonderful 😀

okie … that was the first activity we did that day. the next destination was parc guell, another master piece of art by gaudi. story about it and our later activities would be told in the following post.

stay tune 😉


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