barcelona – day 2 – part 2

ok. here is the second part of our day 2.

so .. there were we, enjoying the sun at Palau Nacional while also listening to a mesmerizing guitar show in the late afternoon in barcelona. we were actually hoping that the font magiça would show us its magic that day. too bad that after asking to a waitress, we found out that the show’d not take place until the day after. so yea … we decided to continue our journey. btw … following pics were taken from that day.

it looks quiet, doesn’t it? wait till you see what happened the day after. we got some cool pics and videos on that. so, make sure you dont forget to read the day 3 story.

wanna see how the environment is? look at this video.

anyway, back to the part 2 of day 2. heading off the square, we then went to Arc de Triomf, located in the area of Parc de la Ciutadella. take metro L1 to Fondo and stopped at Arc de Triomf metro station. the neighborhood looked like the following pic:

you can see again here, how beautiful the panorama was. the sky was so blue. the sun was shinning so bright. everything was just perfect for us to enjoy the holiday. and here comes the second tip. based on our hotel staff, the best time to go to barcelona is around this period (end of April, beginning of May). the weather is nice and wonderful, but not yet too hot. and, it is not overcrowded either. so, i see ourselves as three lucky people to experience all these at the right time.

back to Arc de Triomf. if you keep walking on, you’ll find yourself in barceloneta. an incredible part of barcelona to have lunch or dinner in a restaurant at affordable price. we didnt go there just yet though. after sitting on a bench in the park for over 15 minutes, we came back to where we stayed.

later on in the evening, we went to hard rock cafe barcelona located at place de catalunya. it wasnt that far away from our place. we had some drinks and arif bought some hard rock cafe t-shirt there. check out these pics:

so that’s how the inside of hard rock cafe barcelona more or less looks like. pretty similar to others, rite? we stayed there not for long. we stepped out of the cafe around 1 or 1.30. and we found out how busy the city was, although the sunrise was approaching. it’s not that i can’t find the “busy”ness in amsterdam, for example. but, i felt somehow different. the energy from the people and the city of barcelona itself was really magnificent. a day there feels like 28 hours. not 24.

there wasn’t much we did after. just went back to our apartment on foot. not bad though. it turned out that where we had been staying was within walking distance 😀 once we got home, we didnt spend too much of doing nothing. we just went to bed to get ourselves recovered for another adventure the day after in montserrat. 😉 check out for the latest story tomorrow.


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