barcelona – day 1 – part 2

day 1 part 2

soon after we refreshed ourselves up, Barcelona exploration day 1 began. we started by walking up from Plaça de Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia to Sagrada Família. along the way, we saw some gaudi‘s masterpieces. well, we had no problem of doing that as the weather was really nice that day (the sky was blue, the sun was shinning bright, and the temperature was more than 23++ celcious). 

anyway, back to gaudi’s finest pieces of arts, you can find Casa BatllóCasa Milà (aka La Pedrera), and Sagrada Família in Eixample district. a glimpse of these buildings:


as you can see in the pictures, the sky was blue and the sun was shinning. no wonder i fell in love with this city and wanted to move in as soon as i got the chance to do so.  

well … we spent the whole day walked up and down, explored the buildings, and enjoyed the nice mediterannean’s weather. but, … that wasn’t the final yet … there was still one important thing we did, watched football game. the first leg of champion’s league semifinal between barcelona and manchester united.

we watched it at an irish club located only 3 minutes away from our apartment. the atmosphere in that irish club was simply marvelous. there were a lot of barcelona’s and a few mu’s fans. but, mu’s fans continously chanted song after song of their favorite club. too bad cristiano ronaldo missed the penalty. otherwise, the heat would have been so much more between the two groups.

so yea … that was our first day in barcelona. me and arif went back to the apartment around midnight, with still so many people outside enjoying the weather. something that i barely saw in the netherlands 😦

story of our second day will be posted in a few hours from now. so, don’t forget to check out this blog for the latest stories.


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