barcelona and a question

i again wanna express myself clear. time flies!! im heading to barcelona in three days time. wonderful!!! it seemed just yesterday i hurried my roommate to ask some more people to go with us and to book hostel there. pff … so yea, im really looking forward to this coming holiday. the very first one after going through some horrible experience.

anyway, i’ll for sure write some entry about barcelona as soon as i got back here. but for now, i’d love to jot down my question. a very simple question in response to what happen in our society, wherever you are, whatever your background is .. why do people cheat on their partner?

from my observation, i found out that the length of the two are in relationship, status, race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual affiliation, … (fill in the blank to continue the list) are unlikely to stop people from cheating. so, why does this happen? someone can perhaps enlighten me …



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