thursday nite

time for sure flies fast. or is it only me too busy doing things? feels like a day should be more than 24 hours. urghhh …

anyway, i wrote last time around about the re-connect event. it seems that they’ve updated the website. you can now see the pictures of that event. there are about 50 photos from the event uploaded to the website. some cool ones there 🙂

im now officially 6 weeks away from the deadline of my fd. in fact, im now 45 days, 1 hour, 6 mins, and 30 secs away from the deadline. geezzhhhh … it’s scary. cut four days out of the equation since im gone to barcelona next week. urgh … this doesnt sound good. but, okay. i’ll for sure prevail 🙂 i believe in that.

anyway, for the readers who happen to like an online game, i would suggest playing tribal wars. it’s a cool game if you like this type of game.

ok then .. gotta back to my fd. pretty good so far. but gonna need to cut down my writing. ive only 4000 words left now. and that’s not much considering 5 methods i need to elaborate in this fd. pfff …



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