weekend wrap up

hey hey …

woke up this morning with headache. pff … not a good sign, “Please not today. Not these days, when I need my body to be fit”. perhaps that came from reconnect conference, in Leiden this week :p but no, that was apparently due to lack of caffeine. *doh. i’ve to admit, ive become a caffeine addict* thus, after a cup of capuccino and a 355ml can of red bull, i was alive and kicking.

anyway. … the topic of this post is about the conference itself actually. if i had to wrap it up in one sentence, i’d say that it was marvelous. the speakers were fantastic (sy rogers, jeffrey rachmat, elisa krijgsman, and two more) … the topics were absolutely thrilling. we talked about interesting topics from the art of leadership, excellency, hoping of better future to … SEX – homesexual, gay, lesbian, sexually violated children, hypocrisy of modern church over gay and lesbian, critics over christian workers, and moreeee … aren’t these all interesting?

jeffrey rachmat gave the art of leadership and about excellency sessions. it was so inspiring, for your information :p the most difficult part in leadership is apparently leading ourselves, which contributes to 50% in leadership. after that comes leading up (25%), leading lateral (20%), and leading down (5%).

sy rogers, meanwhile, spoke about sex and should a christian (or a church) work on this issue . coz, let’s be honest,  such discussion barely takes place at church, ain’t rite? he also revealed how churches have wrongly treated gay people in the last few decades, and now they have been reaping the seeds; churches are cornered, simply because their own attitudes that do not resemble Jesus Christ. doh. that’s totally embarassing. he was talking about 3 major criticism over christian workers and fields where most people have struggled sexually.

if you are interested to find out know more about the re-connecting program, please do not hesitate to visit them at www.re-connect.org. i’ll talk more about this program in my next entry. there is much to share here. meanwhile, i wish you a nice weekend.



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