ipconfig and download site

hey hey …

it’s just past midnite here. not that late tho. but, late enough to see how quiet this place is when everyone sleeps *well unless some drunk french mistakenly pushed my door till it open at 3.30 in the morning*

well .. you’ve perhaps been in my situation. you just browse around, and find an interesting document to download. the problem is, the document is in uploaded on to megaupload (or rapidshare) and divided into 3 or 5 parts. you don’t have an account on the site, and therefore have to wait for 45 seconds (more or less) before downloading the document. even so, you are given a very slow speed, especially when downloading the second or the third part. frustrating isn’t it?

early this morning, i found a trick in order to get good speed (around 150 Kb – to 1.1 Mb, it depends on your internet connection, in case u don’t know). after u finish download the first part, go to start (that box on the left bottom of your monitor), click on it. then click on run, type cmd, and then enter.

next, when you see C or D prompt type in ipconfig /release (then press enter). afterward, type in ipconfig /renew, enter again (dont close the window just yet, unless u only have 1 more file to download). thereafter, go back to your internet browser and start to download the second part.

if you have still some files to download, repeat the steps in the previous paragraph. and if you’re done with downloading, just type exit on that C or D prompt to close the window. if you are following these steps carefully, you should have good download speed. good luck 😉 and have a nice weekend.



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