existente and paradox

hey hey …

it’s almost midnite here, and here i am relaxing before going off to bed. what i wanna write down tonite is a story out of the last national curriculum of existente students.

so, existente students had another national curriculum in utrecht, last saturday (29/3). we were there the whole day, going from one session to another. started early in the morning with a lil’ hectic around Amsterdam students who came late, we had the day filled with group works and presentations. you can watch them in this playlist. i shot the whole presentation and then uploaded it to youtube.

anyway, there were three existente alumni who attended that national curriculum. it was fun to meet all these students, to listen to their stories in securing job here, and to just talk about life.

the latter brought me to the second part of the title of this post. paradox. it came from a discussion between me and an alumnus. we basically had little chit-chat about many things, but there was one special topic that stood out, work!!

so, we two were actually so surprised to see so many students from indonesia who wanted to move and stay here. meanwhile, we, who had lived here for some time now, were already looking forward of going somewhere else instead. we thought that desire might be caused by our surrounding, such as weather, society, and social life here. so yea, i found that as a paradox.

well, it’s a short one now. hope you enjoy the video clip.



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