after a few extremely exhausting and busy days, finally i got a chance again to post something here. especially becoz there is a funny story to share.

so the story is about me getting stoned because of non-drugs-and-non-alcohol substance. this story took place yesterday morning. the place was my office. the victim was who else but me. the suspect was ??? *i dont know to be frank*. i started the day with four cups of capuccino in 1.5 hours for i was so tired and in need of energy. everything was still fine after finishing the last cup. but then the incident began.

a colleague of mine brought several pieces of soesje. he shared that with me and my other colleagues. to tell you something, i love soesje. i think it’s one my of favorites cake here. so yea, i had the piece eaten in no time. then, something started to happen. my head was spinning as if i had just taken a space cake. pff .. i instantaneously stopped working, as i could not think of anything at all. not bad enough just yet. my colleagues apparently didnt believe me when i told them about it. so we ended up making jokes out of the situation. it was funny though. i did laugh and enjoy the time. but yea, it finally took me about an hour to get recovered and capable of working properly again. ck ck ck … what a way to get stonned.



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