as it is now approaching the end of the day, i think it’s good if i recap all what happened today. first and the foremost, it was a long day. starting to work at 8 and ending it around 17.45 … quite long, wasn’t it?

second, problems seemed to love me so much today. perhaps, they felt that i had had too much blessings in the past few days, so that today was the time to experience something terrible. urggghhh …

so, one came after another. i was feeling that they would never stop popping up in my inbox. pfff … and everything seemed to get more difficult to solve as the day went by. two difficult cases came after 4 o’clock in the afternoon. dear o dear, what a way to end the day. fortunately, my brain did work properly. i could thus answer one after another, explain why things happened, and point out where the problems’ owner overlook on something. ck ck ck .. what a day it was …

anyway, it’s almost midnite now. time to forget all these in the past and start a brand new day in a few minutes. hope to have a better one tomorrow *keeping my fingers crossed*


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