tips in amsterdam

having had one nice day, i decided to end it up with giving some readers, those who wanna go to amsterdam in particular, some tips in order to survive here based on what i saw today.

my tips for today are about surviving the weather here, particularly when it’s raining and windy. what you have to do when such weather occurs is NOT to use your umbrella. wear your raincoat instead. the wind here is so strong, having umbrella with you will thus give you no favor whatsoever, as it’ll get flipped as soon as you open it. i happened to meet four people having such problem in central amsterdam this afternoon. raincoat will be much better solution to survive the weather.

second tip is about shopping for asian people, like me. i usually recommend River Island to my asian or indonesian friends, as it was the only shop i knew that sold clothes in small size. today, i stumbled upon Scamm on nieuwendijk (across H&M). it does sell interesting clothes with “proportional” size for asian shoppers *as most of other stores accommodate the size of Dutch people, which to be frank gigantic*.

third tip, if you wanna hang out in a quiet place but still in central area, have a look into the cafes along Haarlemmerstraat. it’s not as crowdy as Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, still nice nonetheless.

alrite then …. that’s for now. the next entry is most likely about international student week which is taking place at INHOLLAND this week.   


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