building excitement – fd, graduation day, barcelona

sunday. time to go to church and … to lay out plan for my future or just to think about this life. 

so, what i was thinking this morning was the excitement prior graduation day. i was suddenly imagining me waking up on the morning of my grad’ day to realize that i would obtain the diploma later on the day. that would be so cool. 

well o well, i still have to meet some final dissertation deadlines between now and then. first draft is on 24 april, final version on 2 june, and the defence either on 16, 17, or 18 june. figuring out these dates just made me realize that it won’t be that far away from now.

ironically, instead of planning the arrangement for focus groups, interviews, and other methods for acquiring primary and secondary information, i have been busy with researching barcelona. yea … im going there, finally. the plan is to go there from 16 to 19 april. hope that will be some fun.

well, better to get back to my fd now .. it’s been crying a loud, waiting for me to start write up some words in it.

p.s.: just watched step up 2 last nite. what an awesome movie it is. definitely worth the time to watch it. allocate some time to have it watched, if you like that kind of movie obviously. you won’t regret the decision for sure 😉


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