latest series

just watched the tragedy of the day, where MU lost 0-1 to Portsmouth. urghhh, it was terrible, as the Red Devils completely controlled the game. dear o dear, i even lost my count the almost-go-through-the-line shots to the Pompey’s goals. pfff …

alright, back to the topic of the day. i want to list some TV series that i’ve been following in the past couple of months.

  1. smallville – stories around clark kent before he becomes Superman. it’s in its seventh season now, most likely to have another season in september.
  2. new amsterdam – it’s still in a pilot phase though. the story is about a man who was gifted immortality by a female native american whom he saved. he could only lose the immortality when he finds his TRUE love. in the series, he is now working as as a detective in new york.
  3. kyle xy – one strange boy who has extraordinary brain activities and consequently has abilities to study, literally, almost anything in no time. cool series, as it also tells us many basic principles of life. it’s in its second season now.
  4. project runway – fashion !!! it’s all about fashion. just ended its fourth season with Christian Siriano, with his famous lingo, “fierce”, came out as the winner. he has indeed produced incredible clothes throughout the competition and deserved to be crowned. even Victoria Beckham admired his fashion lines and would love to wear one of his products.
  5. grey’s anatomy – just began its fourth season. nice episodes to watch in our free time.

well, that’s the list for today. i think i’ve included all of them. some other series at the disposal are heroes, shoot, and las vegas. have a nice weekend everyone.


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