amsterdam late february – early march

i just realized that i’ve never really described amsterdam in any of my posts. so here it comes, but only about dam square though *which is visited by many people*   

the palace first, dam square is only about 10 minutes on feet from amsterdam central station. as you can see in the picture on the left side, there is a royal palace located there. to tell you something, i have never seen it open for public. there may be some reason behind it, but i know nothing about them. 

 amsterdam 2

the right picture shows what people are usually doing there, i.e. feeding the wild birds indeed.  this happens regardless the weather in amsterdam is. the weather was quite nice when the picture was taken *you can see at the beautiful sky in the picture above*. when the weather is warm, it’s nice to just sit there and watch people come and go. once i did that and ended up having fun conversation with a german girl *whom i don’t know the name* about books, her hometown, amsterdam, and much more …

when you are at the dam square, you can also visit the building next to the palace *see the right picture* that place is where many exhibitions are held. when the pic was taken, the exhibition of afghanistan culture was being held there. amsterdam 3if you like something related to culture and art, i would suggest you to come by that place. 

in between the palace and the building, you see there is a pathway there. if you follow the path, you’ll find yourself in one of the plazas in amsterdam, i.e. magna plaza. some famous brands have their counters there. you are welcome to visit the plaza obviously.    

 sunset in amsterdam - 1lastly, if you turn back – after facing the palace – you’ll find yourself looking at a statue and hotel. if i remember it correctly, the queen holds annual commemoration of memorial day in that place. i can’t remember exactly which date is that, though. 

facing the statue (from the left side) is de bijenkorf, which i think is quite expensive to shop *unless it’s discount season, obviously* but, it’s fun anyway to walk around in the building. 

 so yea .. that’s my short story about amsterdam. *finally, after living years in this city* more stories to come …  


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