women’s attraction

just had conversation yesterday afternoon with two colleagues of mine (one man and one woman) when we happened to talk about relationship. man-woman relationship is always a fascinating topic to talk about, wherever, whenever, and with whomever you are. so was our conversation.

we talked about a colleague’s problem. it then developed into serious discussion on women’s mindset. we discussed about the so-called attraction for quite some time and deep.

so, guys (coz the girls maybe already aware of what im gonna tell you), keep in mind that for women, attraction is like an on/off switch. they may suddenly get attracted to you without any reason *be happy if that happens, but dont fall for something stupid*. but, it is possible for them to lose the attraction within seconds. and the latter may happen just like that. what i mean with “just like that” is that happens for unknown reasons that female themselves don’t know.  

thus, what i suggested to my colleague, also for you should such situation happen to occur in your relationship, is to move on, go out there and get yourself a life of your own, change your wardrobe and hairstyle, hang out with your friends, do your old hobbies … in short do million things, especially the ones you have never done before. as difficult and hard as it is, but, that’s the only way. good luck, pal.       


One thought on “women’s attraction

  1. absolutely YES. which part? ALL. for what reason? No reason. yeah, JUST LIKE THAT.

    understanding women is much more difficult than doing triple integral calculation numerically.

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