another four-seasons-day

hey …

have you ever wondered about having four seasons in one day? perhaps summer in the morning, fall in the early afternoon, winter in the late afternoon, and spring in the evening? did such thought ever occur to you? well, if the answer is yes and you are desperately looking to experience one, i would suggest you to come to the netherlands. such weather did happen (again) today.    

today is still the first week of march. the day began with the sun shining over the earth, motivating everyone to start the day as soon as possible. so i did. waking up early and going off for school and work. then, the cloud came, hindering the sunshine a bit. over the brunch and lunch, they had joined together, the sky became dark consequently. late in the afternoon, the “hagel” dropped from the sky, one after another hitting the earth. but then it stopped before long. but it wasn’t the end just yet. 

around 6 … the sky was already dark and suddenly it was snowing !! one person told me, “cummon, it’s march already. we got snow outside?” the soft white thing was covering the whole area, making a nice view outside the gym where i was exercising.

well the snow kept pouring down on my way home. not for so long though. it’s over now. and here i am now sitting on my chair, waiting for the kick off of MU vs Lyon. so, back to the title of this post, today is indeed another four-seasons-day, just like a year ago.

cheers, mate.      


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