conductor – shop – ice cream

first post in march 2008.

the quote for the beginning of this month is

“Schiphol, the gateway to the world. The place to go to South America, North America, and other part of the world.”

that’s what the conductor of NS train said yesterday. what i normally hear is “The next stop/destination is Schiphol Airport (or Amsterdam Centraal Station).” so, that quote is different, indeed.

the second thing is about, of course, shops in rotterdam. i kept companied a friend from indonesia shopping around. it was the standard route i found about a year ago, tho. rotterdam central, erasmus bridge, beursplein. the trip was quite succesful in terms of triggering her to spend some money. so, she bought new clothes, bag, and a jacket.

the last, but actually the most interesting after all, is about australian ice cream. under normal circumstances, you would have one as a dessert, rite? so that’s what we did yesterday. but … we normally would expect ourselves to feel even fuller in our tummy after consuming it. ironically, that was not the case. my friend and I even got hungry afterwards. doh. at the end of the day, i still had one more late heavy meal and ligth one. ck ck ck … that was so surprising.

so .. that’s for now. have a nice weekend.


One thought on “conductor – shop – ice cream

  1. hahaha… the ice cream part was interesting… never feel that way before. my first strange experience with ice cream.. australian ice cream.. hahaha

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